About Me

I am Kate.  I have previously run 2 businesses, both in the hospitality industry.  In both of these businesses, I did all of the admin and behind the scenes work.  This included everything from stock ordering, social media, blog writing, invoicing, daily income reconciliation, newsletters, mailing lists, website creation and maintenance, and any other admin that was required.

In 2018, a former colleague asked me to help him with his SEO, and social media.  Neither are areas that I considered myself to have any expertise in, however, I did have enough day to day knowledge to make a few small tweaks that made a real difference to his website searchability and social media presence.  Later in the year, my Sister started a new business, and was looking for someone to help her with all of the small admin jobs that she really didn’t enjoy doing.  After a short discussion, with me trying to convince her that she was totally capable of doing all of these small jobs herself, we concluded that she really didn’t “get it” and really wasn’t interested in learning.  She just wanted someone to get on with the admin in the background, so that she could get on with meeting potential clients and getting her business really going.

After some e-mail exports, imports, integrations, setting up a LinkedIn company page, tidying up her LinkedIn profile, setting up Google MyBusiness and some research for a client project, my sister called me to say that she had recommended my support to a selection of her work contacts.  After speaking with them, and starting a few small projects, I realised that this had become a business of it’s own, and needed a name, and to be registered.

Within a week, I had a name, a logo, a business card (albeit a makeshift one), and was promoting myself at networking meetings.  Within a month of offically launching, I had my first client who I had met through networking, rather than through my Sister’s network, and the business has continued to grow from there.  Working virtually is the best option for me, as it is primarily home based, so compliments school hours which is important to me, having a young family.

2019 sees the start of a busy future for Paperclips Included with the launch of this website, my social media platforms, some other big plans, more clients, and some interesting expansions already in the pipeline.